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The Thirty-fourth Annual SBAS Meeting

September 19–22, 2024  |  UC Davis · Sacramento
Hosted by UC Davis Health | Department of Surgery
We look forward to your contributions in basic science and clinical research.

SBAS Accepting Applications for the SBAS Intuitive Career Development Award

SBAS is now accepting applications for the SBAS Intuitive Career Development Award, which spans 2 years (January 1, 2025–December 31, 2026) and provides $100,000 to the awardee to support direct costs for research …

Applications will be accepted from May 15–July 1, 2024

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A Comprehensive Review of Surgical Disparities in the Vulnerable Communities of the USA: The Black Community – Part II

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A Comprehensive Review of Surgical Disparities in the Vulnerable Communities of the USA

SBAS Statement on SCOTUS ruling on Students for Fair Admissions, Inc., against Harvard College and the University of North Carolina

Health care inequities based on race and ethnicity are artificial barriers to receiving excellent surgical care. The Society of Black Academic Surgeons (SBAS) is committed to our mission of improving health, advancing science, and fostering the careers of Black and other ethnically underrepresented in medicine (URiM) surgeons because building an excellent surgical workforce that reflects our country’s diverse backgrounds and perspectives helps transcend artificial barriers to care. … Read the Complete Statement »

SBAS Statement on the Supreme Court Ruling Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

Members of the Society of Black Academic Surgeons (SBAS) stand in solidarity with everyone who understands, fears, and will experience the negative effects of the Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health ruling. This unfortunate action comes at a critical point in time when our nation is in the early stages of learning how to make a real commitment to achieving a diverse healthcare work force to improve care for all. As such, this ruling only serves to further exacerbate existing poor health outcomes among Black women by negatively affecting access to safe and equitable healthcare including abortion. SBAS strongly opposes any judicial ruling or legislation that takes away healthcare rights; dictates the doctor-patient relationship; criminalizes health providers; and stands in the way of high-quality care for women and underrepresented groups. … Read the Complete Statement »


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Surgeon Spotlight

Dr. Lisa McElroy – SBAS March Surgeon Spotlight

The Society of Black Academic Surgeons Recognizes and Congratulates Dr. Lisa McElroy!

Lisa McElroy, MD, MS
Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Surgeon, Liver Transplant Surgeon, Pediatric Kidney Transplant Surgeon

Duke University School of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Onyekwere E. Akwari Assistant Professor of Surgery, Assistant Professor in Population Health Sciences

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Her recent accomplishments include: