Residents and Fellows Committee

The Society of Black Academic Surgeons wants to address issues of resident career development in academic surgery. This is a forum for access to resources and contact with senior surgeons to lend guidance on graduate surgical education and career development.


  • Comprehensively address the career needs of surgical residents and Fellows from across the surgical disciplines
  • Support efforts to facilitate the transition from training into an academic career
  • Play a pivotal role in designing and implementing programs to residents and fellows
  • Address mentorship needs in surgery for medical students to residents and fellows

Committee Members

Lara Oyetunji, Chair
Linda Barry, Senior advisor
Nathaniel McQuay
Valentine Nfonsam
Marcel Tafen
Bobby Robinson
George Akingba
Wade Douglas
Ekene Onwuka
Alexis Chidi
Taiwo Adesoye

Want to get involved?
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