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Society of Black Academic Surgeons Statement in Support of the Asian Community.

The Society of Black Academic Surgeons strongly denounces the rising violence and racism directed towards the Asian Community. The COVID pandemic has been associated with widespread misinformation that has given license for xenophobia and racism to be wrongly directed towards those of Asian descent. The tragic events associated with the Atlanta shooting on March 16, 2021 has shined a bright light on the issue. It is unfortunate that it took this tragedy to raise America’s awareness of what our Asian brothers and sisters have been enduring not just during the pandemic but long before this tragic incident.

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and so many others, followed by our calls for social restorative justice, our Asian colleagues stood shoulder to shoulder with us to demand change. The common thread of racism and its enduring negative impact are realities that we in the Black community know all too well. In the face of persistent and escalating racism towards our respective communities, we reiterate our calls for change and social justice that must be linked to policy and accountability.

We cannot and will not tolerate any form of hate directed towards the Asian community. They are our colleagues, patients, neighbors and friends. In this moment, the Society of Black Academic Surgeons stands in solidarity with the Asian community. We will continue to push forward for meaningful change within our profession and society at large.


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